Say No to Palm Oil

SAY NO TO PALM OILPalm oil has quickly grown into a globally used ingredient, found in over 50% of our most common products including confectionery, baked goods, cosmetics, body products and cleaning agents. The growing demand for this vegetable oil derivative has seen many pristine rainforests and vast areas slashed and burned every year to keep up with the growing demand. At the hands of this trade, orangutans are being pushed to frighteningly low numbers through large-scale deforestation in places such as Sumatra and Borneo. In the last 20 years the palm oil trade has destroyed over 90% of the orangutans natural habitat, making it the number one threat for the longevity of the species. As a hinderance within such a lucrative industry, orangutans are often disposed of during the deforestation process and have been found run over by logging machines, beat to death, buried alive and set on fire. To help put an end to this practice and stand up for an animal who shares 97% of our DNA, please take a moment to sign the below petitions to stop the import of palm oil.

Written by Michelle Moore for NFAW

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