Breaking The Spirit Of The Elephant

When showing this video to a friend, her reply to me was “How can people do that to an elephant?” Well the reality is tourists do this to these elephants, maybe not physically, but through their desire to experience such a majestic creature up close. The people who train these animals are driven solely by the money the tourist brings. If tourists stop paying, then these practices will cease to exist. If this video stops just one person from funding this practice, then it has done it’s job.

10 thoughts on “Breaking The Spirit Of The Elephant

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    And by the way, elephants receive the same treatment for circuses, not to mention the stress of travel in unventilated vehicles while the circus is on the road.

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    I managed to watch a couple minutes of this. Now I’m crying. I watched it because I’ve been interested in elephants lately. I recently read about the evolutionary magnificence of their trunk. It compares to the uniqueness of the human brain–the unique part of our brains, that is.

    Watching this makes me ashamed of human beings. Interestingly, I’m starting to see how we should never forget that to feel ashamed is what makes us human. I wish the reader could agree. Because we we try to deny this, we cannot understand why our world is dying. At the same time, we keep looking for, or lying to ourselves, about our purpose, why we are here, the meaning of life.

    How many humans does it take to make misguided humans respect an elephant. Why can’t we solve this equation?

    I didn’t want to share the sorrow of this innocent creature, but if I am human, I should embrace the shame.

    • I can’t watch this it pains me omg what kind of people do this shame on you I wish people would stop using them as play things to break there is cruel cruel cruel

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    I hardly ever re-blog but this post shocked me so much by it’s violence and cruelty that I made an exception. It was to my eyes all the more offensive by the fact that children were spectators and sometimes participating.
    The basics of education is to install love, pity, kindness and compassion for all living creature.
    Feel free to bring awareness around you to this predicament.

  4. Reason why I don’t attend rodeos or circuses or any other ‘animal showcase’ event. I like going to reputable zoos, but not small ones. I don’t like seeing the animals broken.

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