For all information and enquiries please email newsforanimalwelfare@live.com

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  1. Hi, thanks for liking my blog:-) I am a vegetarian and have been so since I was 18. I don’t like meat, but I have also chosen to be so because cruelty against animals is one of the worst things I know, and I believe that the meat industry has gone to far.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I liked your post on meat free week – checked out their website for some great recipes. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Thank you dropping by my blog. I know I just started but I hope my future posts interest you. I support anything that has to do with animal welfare and I look forward to reading your posts soon.

  4. thanks for visiting and following my pet care blog. i have always blogged about animal welfare, but have recently extended my content beyond cats and dogs. i am a foster dog mom and rescue cats and dogs. thanks for being another animal advocate and getting the word out! loved the obese man at the end of the video you posted last. that was a great touch. a picture is worth a thousand words.

      • No problem! Yours was the first blog I thought of when I was nominated for the Liebster. I love the awareness you bring to animal welfare. One of your palm oil posts inspired me to write my own.

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